Track Saw Anti Snag Hose Adapter Instructions

Step 1

Removing the arbor plate

  • Remove the arbor plate
    • There are usually 5 screws holding the plate in place. If you are unsure, please click your track saw model number below to see where the location of the screws are
  • Keep the arbor plate and screws close, you will need them to reassemble the track saw

    Track Saw Models

    Step 2

    Remove the old hose adapter

    • Remove the old hose adapter, it should slide out easily
    • Store the old hose adapter somewhere safe, it will not be needed anymore

    Step 3

    Install the new hose adapter

    • There will be a line engraved on the hose adapter indicating which side goes up
    • When installing the new hose adapter, the engraved line should be facing up
    • The engraved line will line up with the top of the track saw where the cover is installed. See the picture below.

    Step 4

    Reassemble Track Saw

    • Place the arbor plate back on the track saw
      • Ensure when reassembling the track saw that the hose adapter is oriented with the engraving facing up
    • Fasten all of the screws that were removed in Step 1
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